Short Bio ~ Pianist Composer, Kimberly Reeves Parker

Canadian born and raised in Seattle by a large family of musicians, Kimberly began playing piano at age 4 studying classical and jazz theory privately for 15 years.  After performing as a theatre Composer and Musical Director in Seattle Kimberly then traveled extensively as a solo jazz pianist performing clubs, hotels and large events such as Bite of Seattle and the Goodwill Games, from Vancouver BC to Seattle, Europe and the Cayman Islands. 

Now residing in the Bay Area , Kimberly has performed numerous venues including The Fairmont Hotel SJ and SF , Garden City, The DeAnza Hotel, The Crown Plaza, The Sorrento Hotel, Marriot SF, Stars, Mountain Winery and was a featured solo artist at the Paul Masson Winery Performance Series in Monterey.

Kimberly's musical style and original compositions have been described in the following ways:

Kimberly delivers delicate and lyrical phrasing, alluding to classical, yet seasoned with the broad influences of jazz artists such as Chick Corea, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock.

A weaver of soulful stories, Kimberly's melodies are brightly optimistic, deep and moving with a hint of life experience into which every listener can fill in one’s own tales and emotions.

Articles and raves:

"what first startled me and made me look up and see who was at the piano was the sound of someone Inside the music, listening to it, caring about it, eager to see where it would take her."

Dave Beck - The San Jose Mercury News "A Matter of Style"


"a truly classy artist with savvy and incredible dexterity on the ivories"

Guitar Showcase Music Times - San Jose, CA.


"melodious piano designs drift up as you descend the winding staircase.  Kimberly looks up from the keys and smiles a warm hello.  You are comfortable before your foot hits the floor".

Tom Phalen - The Seattle Times


Kimberly Reeves Parker Biography (long version)

Looking back, Canadian-born pianist Kimberly Reeves Parker was destined to be a composer.  At age 4, she began playing piano by ear.  As the youngest of four talented musical siblings, Kimberly’s most profound musical influences came through her brothers and father.  Daily life at the Reeves’ house revolved around music with impromptu living room concerts featuring an entire band of Reeves talent.  When Kimberly was still a child her older brothers – Ken, Wade and Grant Reeves – toured the country with numerous well known bands while composing original music and forming bands of their own. 

 Kimberly’s brother Grant, an award winning composer and performer, made a habit of waking Kimberly during the wee hours of the morning to have her play piano parts to whatever music he had composed that night.  With such strong musical inspiration so close at hand, Kimberly’s evolution as gifted composer was almost inevitable. 

 Early classical studies led her to play professionally by age 13 at the University of Washington for the Dance company.  By her mid-teens, Kimberly had developed a strong affinity for jazz.  With the diversity of Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz filling the house - along with her father’s love for accordion and her brother’s compositional work - Kimberly soon began to integrate her own improvisational ideas with strongly developed classical chops.  Kimberly was searching for a new vehicle in which to explore her own talents.

 After musical directing and composing for theatre in Seattle for several years, Kimberly began a decade long stint of traveling and playing clubs, festivals and concert venues in Canada, the West Coast, Europe and the Cayman Islands.  Kimberly moved to the Bay Area from Seattle in 1992 and since then has performed as a soloist, with duo's, trio's and quartet's at hotels, clubs and concert venues in San Francisco and the greater Bay area.

 Kimberly and her brother, Saxophonist, Composer & Producer, Grant Reeves.

Listen to Kimberly's original compositions on her CD, Liquid Sister.  Also sample her other work such as - Trio Live at the DeAnza, her SF Quartet, Reeves Parker Project and  Kimberly’s Solo CD, a compilation of jazz standards released in 1993.  All CD’s and MP3’s for purchase on this site.