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    Reeves Parker Project

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    Reeves Parker Project


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© Kimberly Reeves Parker 2005 all rights reserved.

The REEVES PARKER PROJECT was a combined effort of talented musicians including San Francisco drummer Ricky Carter, guitarist Brian Hill, bassist Spence Murray and, of course, me.

Ricky Carter and I first met at one of my gigs at the DeAnza Hotel.  I needed a percussionist that evening as I'd planned to do a live-remote recording of the gig.  A colleague highly recommended Ricky Carter, so I called him and he came to play.  I was astonished with Ricky's ears and feel - musically, rythmically, energetically - he was fantastic and together we fit.  Ricky Carter and another favorite, Bay area guitarist Jeff Buenz who also played that night, elevated the musical experience beyond my expectations.  I was deeply inspired, embedded between two great artists who created a solid yet fluid rythm section from which I could stretch out.  As primarily a soloist, this was exciting.  And the recording turned out great!

sidenote;  you can listen to tracks and also purchase the CD, Live at the DeAnza, here on my site.

Following the DeAnza gig, Ricky and I decided to collaborate on a musical venture.  For weeks he and I worked tirelessly on my compositions, fleshing out arrangements, writing new stuff, etc.  Ricky then called in a couple great players, Brian and Spence, who eagerly embraced my originals and we set out rehearsing together for several months.  Soft, melodious Liquid Sister meets the Street, it was a VERY cool thing with great potential and the whole experience pushed me to my creative depths.  We were able to do a couple gigs but ultimately the Reeves Parker Project never got off the ground. 

Life is always interesting for creative beings.  With it's stops and starts, pulls and pushes I was eventually pulled in another direction, back to my other life as a photographer's wife and rep, slowly creeping out from under the fallout of the dotbomb crash of 2000.  Everything for a reason.

I look back with great fondness for each of these guys who offered their time, willingness, heart and amazing creative energy for the project and I'm so grateful for the growth that took place in me during this time because of each of them.

Thanks Guys!